Our services

For business owners

Whether you’re a veteran business owner or a budding entrepreneur, we’re committed to fueling your growth. We facilitate your access to capital, foster key relationships, and offer expert guidance, leading you through your financial journey.

This saves you time and money and allows you to do what you do best — building and expanding your business — enabling you to outperform competitors and reach new heights of success.

Comprehensive proposal packages

We meticulously craft proposal packages that encapsulate your Company Profile, Management Profile, and Financial Profile, offering lenders a compelling narrative of your business’s past, present, and future trajectory.

Expert lending guidance

We actively navigate your lending needs, ensuring you secure the right financial facilities with optimal terms. This allows you to stay focused on the work of building and expanding your business, while we handle the rest.

A deep network of professionals

We connect you with an elite network of professionals who can provide strategic guidance and support, helping you navigate your path to growth.

At Bankable, we do more than facilitate funding. We guide businesses on their growth journey. We see our clients as visionaries ready to scale. We expect them to embrace excellence and proactive growth. And together, we turn aspirations into reality.
Deepak Lodhia, Founder & President

Our process

We become experts about you and your business, so we can be sure we’re helping you take your best next steps.


Understanding you
and your team


Diving deep into
your business

your story

Preparing your borrower pitch

your needs

Finding the right
lending partner

the process

Handling paperwork and formalities


of funds

your reach

Introducing you
to our network

Our expertise

We work with a wide range of clients in many areas, specializing in the following.

Operating capital

We conduct an in-depth assessment to determine the cash needed to keep your business running seamlessly, in line with your current situation and future goals.

Equipment & leaseholds

Whether you need general or highly specialized equipment, or you’re seeking to finance leasehold improvements, we guide you through financing options and help find the best solutions for your business.

Real estate financing

We assist in navigating the complex processes of purchasing or refinancing owner-occupied or investment real estate, including retail, industrial, multi-residential, or medical properties.

Franchise financing

Planning to invest in a franchise? We provide expert guidance on the financial aspects of your franchise agreement and explore bespoke franchise programs from a range of lenders.

Our services

For commercial lenders

We’re committed to empowering your performance and making your job easier and more rewarding. With us, you’ll enjoy a steady flow of well-prepared and high-quality deals that match your expertise.

This allows you to focus on what you do best — providing excellent financial services — helping you outshine your peers and excel in your career.

High-quality deals

At Bankable, we take the phrase “slam dunk deals” to heart. We provide meticulously curated proposal packages that are structured to align with your lending criteria – enhancing your deal flow and helping you find the right businesses to support.

Client and loan growth

We can assist you in meeting your sales quotas and surpassing your growth targets. With our expertly curated deals, you’ll have the opportunity to add clients that align seamlessly with your specific areas of expertise, enhancing your portfolio.

Unparalleled efficiency

In the fast-paced world of commercial lending, time is of the essence. With Bankable, deal preparation is streamlined and efficient. We deliver complete, concise, and detailed borrowing requests, answering all your questions upfront and saving you valuable time.

At Bankable, we aim for more than just securing the best lending terms for our clients. We’re on a mission to connect them with dedicated partners who are genuinely invested in their growth journey. We expect the lender to demonstrate a commitment to excellence and a proactive approach to nurturing their client relationships.
Jeff Achal, Founder & Vice President
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